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Verify a pdf copy of a lab report

This PDF link provides instructions for using this verification form.: [Verify Document]

As of June 6/2022 this is a brand new service for Pure Harvest and Minnesota Crop Improvement.

You can be confident that a PDF copy of a document is unmodified by comparing its " fingerprint " (checksum) with the document you have been sent. All you need is the lab number of the document and the fingerprint (checksum) of the document you already have. You don't have to ask the sender for evidence, and they won't know that you verified it.

In order to avoid public uploading of an unknown document to our server we are recommending that you use a third party website to get the checksum of the document you have.

You can use the website linked here to find the checksum for your PDF. [[ http://onlinemd5.com/ ]]

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